Foursquare and Clear Channel Outdoor partner to help advertisers optimize mid-campaign

Through this industry-first integration, Foursquare will provide Clear Channel Outdoor customers with daily DOOH performance data

Andrae Ricketts

What if you had access to performance data that would enable you to make the real-time adjustments needed to ensure your digital-out-of-home (DOOH) ad was reaching the right people, at the right time, and with the right message?

Foursquare and Clear Channel Outdoor, one of the world’s leading out-of-home media companies, are excited to announce their partnership, which will help to make this level of continuous, mid-campaign optimization possible with a new daily DOOH reporting offering.

“This first-of-its-kind integration marks a significant step in Foursquare’s ongoing mission to improve OOH and DOOH measurement capabilities,” said Josh Cohen, SVP of Product at Foursquare. “Our ability to deliver these daily, detailed reports is a testament to the quality of our data and the unique sharpness of our Attribution methodology.”

Enabling the Future of Digital Out Of Home Measurement:

Foursquare and Clear Channel Outdoor’s new partnership aligns with enhancements in OOH attribution measurement. Through their shared development, both companies are at the forefront of enabling clients to accurately measure their OOH advertising and leverage actionable reporting to optimize mid-flight.

“As the DOOH industry evolves, reliable data and daily reporting will become increasingly important and will soon be cornerstones of any OOH measurement strategy,” said Campbell Keller, Director of Product Development of Clear Channel Outdoor. “The ability to optimize mid-flight will enable advertisers to reach more consumers, increase their campaign’s performance, and ultimately drive more revenue.”

With Foursquare Attribution, Clear Channel Outdoor customers will have access to a summary of metrics including conversions, and incremental lift among many other data points within Foursquare’s easy-to-use reporting dashboard. The data is updated daily once statistical significance is met. Armed with this detailed user interface, advertisers can better understand an ad’s performance by location, time of day, and more. They can make informed, real-time adjustments to their media buys rather than wait until the end of the flight to determine how to restructure future campaigns.

How the DOOH & attribution integration work:

Foursquare has automated the ingestion of Clear Channel Outdoor’s time-stamped ad-run logs (DOOH spot logs) into the Attribution product to programmatically generate OOH ad exposures on a daily basis, which tell us who saw an ad and where. We leverage granular data points from our 1P visits data such as dwell time, direction of travel and speed of travel – so we know who truly saw the ad. Finally, using our unique and accurate Attribution methodology, we are able to surface incremental lift driven by the campaign, which is provided to Clear Channel Outdoor clients and updated daily within the Attribution user interface.

In addition to DOOH, Attribution provides brands and agencies with access to daily reporting across all media channels including digital, tv, audio, and more. Clients receive a holistic view of campaign performance, and can take action upon these insights in real-time to ensure successful performance across their entire media investment. The inclusion of DOOH in Foursquare’s suite of daily attribution reporting capabilities completes the last piece of the puzzle, ensuring clients can measure all media channels using the same methodology in one simple user interface.

A larger push to improve campaign measurement

This reporting ability is the fruit of Foursquare’s increased focus on enhancing our out-of-home (OOH) measurement capabilities, which includes the tying of OOH exposure to:

  • Enable the understanding of demographic and behavioral attributes of users
  • Determine whether users took a specific action (such as visiting a brand’s store) after being exposed to an ad on behalf of that brand

With these increased capabilities, OOH can be measured alongside all other channels on an omnichannel media plan, enabling advertisers to understand and compare performance across all channels in one reporting dashboard.

Want to learn more about the partnership or about how Foursquare Attribution can help you get the most out of your OOH/DOOH campaigns? Reach out to Foursquare using the form below.

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