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Unlock real-time location insights in minutes, not days. Foursquare Studio is a highly flexible and advanced platform designed to visualize and analyze large-scale geospatial data at the speed of business.

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Get started quicker with cloud data connectors like Snowflake, BigQuery, and more. Quickly edit, bookmark, and perform SQL queries against databases directly from Foursquare Studio.

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Work from your favorite notebook environments or create embedded experiences using plugins with QGIS, Grafana,, and more.

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According to BCG, 95% of executives surveyed said that mapping and geospatial data are important in achieving desired business results today, and 91% said that it will be even more essential in three to five years.

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Tap into powerful insights with your geospatial data using the Foursquare Studio data visualization platform

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Easily process and analyze large scale data

Foursquare Studio powers GPU-accelerated analytics and visualization directly in your browser. Thanks to our proprietary tiling system, Hex Tiles, users can easily process and unify massive amounts of geospatial data for advanced analysis and fluid visualization.

Visualize complex movement patterns over time

Predict supply/demand patterns of your ride sharing app. Optimize delivery routes to ship products faster. Foursquare Studio is optimized for visualizing data over space and time so you can spot hidden trends in your data.

Make location-based decisions faster

Going from unification to visualization can require days of prep work and offline analysis. Foursquare Studio accelerates your workflow so you can spend less time on data prep and more time sharing insights with your team.

Foursquare Studio case studies


How Replica Uses Foursquare Studio to Design a Safer New York City Streetscape

New York City has taken on a mission to redesign 1,000 intersections in order to make them safer for pedestrians. With over 50,000 intersections across the city, Replica saw an opportunity to leverage the power of data analysis and visualization to understand how changes impact pedestrian safety.

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How Kontour Uses Foursquare Studio to Reveal the Real Impact of Climate Change

Kontur wanted to shed light on the impact of climate change by sharing the global data they’ve collected on wildfires over the span of 20 years. Kontur used the Unfolded Map SDK and Hex Tile solution to visualize a massive spatial dataset within the Global Fires map.

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Foursquare Studio Powers Geospatial Visualization for Amazon SageMaker 

With Foursquare Studio in Amazon SageMaker, users can analyze geospatial data and explore model predictions on an interactive map using 3D accelerated graphics with built-in visualization tools.

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