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Investing in location intelligence can lead to a 2x increase in customer satisfaction, customer retention, and NPS, as well as a 1.3x increase in time on website, according to a recent BCG study.

Build better solutions through the insights of Places data.

Power your site selection process, analyze economic and foot-traffic trends, or build rich and engaging app experiences through location intelligence.

Build better solutions through the insights of Places data.


Global coverage, rich detail

Foursquare Places offers 120M+ points of interest across 200+ countries and territories. We combine ground truth datasets, authoritative third-party sources, and our first-party data to provide the most accurate data available.

Accurate data from trusted sources

Only Foursquare brings you insights from 16B+ explicit check-ins from our consumer-facing apps. Our proprietary ML models cluster and harmonize each data input and combine that with human verification methods to ensure the most accurate POI data.

Fresh data

Making decisions based on outdated POI data can be costly. Foursquare delivers 2.4+ million updates to our data per month, giving you the freshest and most accurate data in today’s ever-changing landscape.

Leading companies using Places to power their business

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Key use cases

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Build location and map features

Engage with your end users with rich location features to display nearby places or build out recommendation engines.


Site selection

Leverage location intelligence to make informed decisions for opening and closing locations.


Competitive intelligence

Map out your competitive landscape to stay ahead of changing consumer demand.


Enrich your POI database

Easily append place attributes from Foursquare to your own POI database to build more comprehensive datasets and gain deeper insight into your customers and your business.


Transaction mapping and cleansing

Give your transaction and merchant data the context it needs through Foursquare’s Store ID Attribute.

Product information

Places unlocked

Rich, real-world data

Rich data with 115+ attributes including location, brand and category, consumer preferences, and more. View the full data schema here.

Flexible access to data

Data delivered weekly or monthly and available via flat file, API, or through our partners.

Accurate, fresh, POI data

Data sourced from billions of 1st and 3rd party records that are aggregated, cleaned and organized using Movement SDK.

Case studies


AB InBev relies on Foursquare Places to discover new points of sale

“As AB InBev continues to focus on growth across Central and South American markets, Foursquare has been an invaluable partner. The robust information from FSQ’s Places database not only helps us prioritize logical points of sale like bars and restaurants to target but also pinpoints innovative non-traditional locations such as barbershops that are becoming more and more valuable to our business,” said the AB InBev Global Team.

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Foursquare Places helps Yahoo! JAPAN keep consumers informed during COVID-19

“When it came to keeping our users healthy, safe, and informed, Foursquare’s Places Database was an incredibly valuable tool. The breadth of POIs and data points included helped us to increase our popular hour graph coverage and meet our users’ needs to avoid crowded places,” said Masaki Mizutani, Manager of Yahoo! JAPAN Map App.

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Redfin turns to Places to provide valuable neighborhood information for homebuyers

In an effort to provide more value to potential homebuyers, Redfin wanted to enhance the data included within their real estate listings. From partnering with Foursquare Places, Redfin has been able to include information about grocery stores, shopping, restaurants, parks, and more to the Home Details page for every real estate listing.

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Nextdoor relies on Places to enhance a diverse range of business practices

Nextdoor was in need of robust, accurate, global POI data to power a range of business use cases. By leveraging Foursquare Places, Nextdoor was able to enhance their app functionality and business processes to fuel in-app local business discovery, simplify the verification and onboarding of new businesses, and improve direct and email marketing.

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