AB InBev Relies on Foursquare Places to Discover New Points of Sale



As AB InBev expands their assortment sales across Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and US markets, they need a clear picture of both on- and off-premise opportunities available. This includes conventional beer-purchasing venues (e.g. bars and restaurants) as well as non-traditional locations (e.g. hotels, barber shops) that are becoming increasingly relevant.

By partnering with Foursquare Places, AB InBev is able to easily discover and prioritize new points of sale in these markets to increase their premium client base.

“As AB InBev continues to focus on growth across Central and South American markets, Foursquare has been an invaluable partner. The robust information from FSQs Places database not only helps us prioritize logical points of sale like bars and restaurants to target but also pinpoints innovative non-traditional locations such as barbershops that are becoming more and more valuable to our business.”.

-AB InBev Global Team


AB InBev leverages Foursquare’s Places Database via Flat File delivery to enhance their understanding of the available points of sale throughout the key markets targeted for expansion.

FSQ Places’ core attributes are initially used to vet AB InBev’s internal POI database, ensuring accurate, up-to-date data by matching fields such as name, address, and lat/long. Confident in the freshness and accuracy of their underlying data, AB InBev can then leverage FSQ Place’s rich attributes including category, price, rating, popularity, reviews and social presence (website, Instagram, Twitter, etc) in order to prioritize the most popular and premium POIs for their specific sales targeting.



Increase in Premium Client Base

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