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Nextdoor Utilizes Foursquare Attribution To Help Beauty Brand Reach Consumers

Solution Nextdoor used proprietary Predictive Intent targeting to target the most relevant neighbors for this campaign and reach beauty shoppers…


Nextdoor Measures A Home Furniture Retailer’s Online and In-Store Sales Using Foursquare Attribution

Solution Nextdoor used proprietary data to understand the likelihood of user conversion and predict the types of actions as indicators…


Volta Charging Drives Foot Traffic and Store Visits for Tire Brand Using Foursquare Attribution

Solutions Tapping into Foursquare’s deep location expertise, specifically with FSQ Attribution, Volta Charging developed a benchmark to measure performance over…

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Media Agency Measures Foot Traffic To A Leading Retailer With FSQ Attribution

Challenge A global media agency needed a holistic solution to measure omnichannel media for a leading retailer. With e-commerce comprising…