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Personalizing Your Recommendation Engine Using Location Data

Learn how companies are gaining a competitive edge by using robust location data to fuel recommendation engines


More Ways to Access Data = Faster Time to Insights

Learn how Foursquare is making it easier than ever for organizations to access location data whenever and however they need it.


Foursquare Attribution helps Volta Drive Foot Traffic for Tire Brand

Volta Charging developed a benchmark to measure performance over time and project foot traffic goals based on custom targeting and media spend. These improved brand metrics allowed the tire store to match ad exposure and evaluate the lift in store visits.

Learn more about the Foursquare Knowledge Graph

Learn more about the Foursquare Knowledge Graph

A first-of-its-kind geospatial knowledge graph that transforms how businesses capture value from location intelligence

Why choose Foursquare?

Leading location technology platform

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    Quality at scale

    Stop-detection snaps people to places with precision. 15B check-ins power a self-refreshing map of 120M+ POI in 200+ countries. We see 9B+ monthly visits from 500M+ global devices.

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    Our data, your way. With 550+ integrated partners, from AWS to the Trade Desk, our data is always accessible and delivered via your preferred sources and formats.

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    Location is our only vocation. With 14+ years perfecting our best-in-class tech, we committed to scaling with you as your needs evolve.

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    We think big. Deeply committed to driving innovation forward, we work alongside industry leaders to invent the future of location as the ecosystem evolves.

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    Data privacy is our priority. Our consumers have full transparency and control over their data; our partners are audited regularly.

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Privacy First Always

Privacy focus

Foursquare’s proprietary technology unlocks the most accurate, trusted location data in the world. We believe it is our responsibility to lead best practices regarding data privacy and ethics.

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A unified platform

Harness the power of location data

For analysts

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    Access global POI data and rich contextual attributes.

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    Make business decisions based on consumers’ real world behavior.

For developers

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    Movement SDK

    Build powerful location-aware app experiences.

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    Places API

    Create great user experiences with global API data.

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    Visualize and analyze geospatial data on a planetary scale.

Products for marketers

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    Measure incremental impact of ad exposure on store visits.

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    Target customers using real-time location.

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    Reach customers based on their real-world behavior.

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