Foursquare partners with Snowflake

The partnership makes Foursquare’s location data directly accessible within Snowflake

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Foursquare today announced a new partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company, which will make Foursquare’s industry-leading Visits and Places location data available to customers via Snowflake Data Marketplace. With this partnership, Snowflake customers can now quickly access, analyze, and utilize Foursquare data sets in their preferred, supported cloud environment. The integration of Foursquare’s location data signifies the growing customer demand for building robust data sets, where more and more industries have recognized location data as an essential ingredient to understanding real-world behaviors that create meaningful business solutions.

“Increasingly, our customers have asked us to deliver our data to Snowflake, recognized by the industry as one of the most trusted and agile cloud data solutions, and a rapidly emerging leader in the enterprise world. This partnership accelerates our joint customers’ ROI by powering their data science, analytics, and geospatial use cases,” said Gary Little, President and CEO, Foursquare. “We know our customers want to devote time and energy to solving core business challenges with our enterprise data sets – not setting up extract, transform, load (ETL) processes. We’re proud our location data – which has been accredited and verified by expert 3rd parties – is now available within Snowflake Data Marketplace.”

Additional partnership details:

Turnkey access to rich location data
Through this partnership, Snowflake’s users will have easy access to – and use of – Foursquare’s industry-leading point-of-interest (POI) dataset (Places) and real-world consumer behavior (Visits) data. Joint Foursquare and Snowflake customers will no longer have to spend time and resources to set up ETL processes, which only increase implementation costs and delay time-to-value.

“Now more than ever, it is crucial for businesses, brands, and retailers to understand consumers’ behavior, and location data is a fundamental aspect of that. Location data opens opportunities not only for marketers, but also for operations executives who are trying to understand pockets of in-person business re-emergence,” said Christian Kleinerman, SVP of Product, Snowflake. “With this Foursquare partnership, Snowflake customers can realize the power of the Data Cloud as they merge their customers’ digital and physical data, helping analytics teams make recommendations on store operations, or providing a better and more personalized experience to their end customers.”

Real-time, instantly-available updates
Snowflake Data Marketplace is powered by Snowflake’s secure data sharing technology, which separates compute from storage so that data is always near-real time and ready to query. Snowflake’s easy-to-use platform eliminates the need for users to spend time or enlist the help of technical teams to go live with the data and receive ongoing updates. Data available on Snowflake Data Marketplace is always ready-to-query, and Foursquare updates their data daily, so users can begin deriving value from the data immediately. Foursquare’s Snowflake Data Marketplace listing also includes billions of location-based attributes, including a venue’s name, address, ratings, and user-generated reviews.

For more details, reach out to Foursquare.

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