Where people go tells a story. Use Foursquare’s Visit data to precisely analyze, measure, and target the consumers you care about.

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Investing in location intelligence can lead to a 2x increase in customer satisfaction, customer retention, and NPS, as well as a 1.3x increase in time on website, according to a recent BCG study.

Need to know how your customers move through the world?

Invest, expand, and grow with Foursquare Visits data. Each data point represents a consumer visit, coupled with metadata to deliver critical consumer demographic information.

Need to know how your customers move through the world?


Build custom audiences based on customer behavior

Target audiences that are most relevant – whether they’ve been to a competitor’s business or a location of interest.

Be secure when it comes to privacy

Feel confident that you’re following privacy protocols with data that goes above and beyond regulatory and privacy requirements.

Identify patterns over time

Compare daily, weekly, monthly or yearly changes in foot traffic to spot trends.

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Key use cases

Put visits data to work for you

Data enrichment

Enrich your datasets with Visits data to see where consumers go before and after visiting your venue to shape marketing strategies.

Competitive insights

View category or chain-level data across 15+ markets worldwide to analyze industry trends or competitive insights.

Site selection

Use places and movement data to see what venues exist in areas of interest and who is visiting these places to ensure your next store location is the best fit for your business.

Investment insights

Predict economic outlook by using movement data in your investment models, as foot traffic is a true indicator of the economy.

Product information

Diverse data sources from 1P-2P-3P data to ensure accuracy and reliability

Our robust data pipeline engine and proprietary 1P visitation data differentiates FSQ/Visits from other movement data providers

Data normalization available to reflect real-world consumer behavior

SAG score weighting (stage, age, gender) to mitigate panel fluctuations and ensure your analysis is correct.

Flexible delivery options based on your needs and tech stack

Choose from daily, weekly or monthly deliveries. With historical data back to July 2020, delivered via FSQ-owned S3 bucket, ADX, or Snowflake.

Case studies


See how environmental analytics firm – Replica – uses FSQ/Studio to visualize foot traffic and movement data to understand consumer trends in New York City.

Learn how Replica created a comprehensive dataset complete with each NYC intersection along with attributes such as overall traffic patterns, injury rates, area demographics, and more in order to provide a holistic picture of the city’s infrastructure & incident reports.

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Learn how researchers at the University of Cambridge use Visit data to understand how consumers behave to help communities grow.

The study illustrates how location data can be employed to derive a deeper understanding of human mobility from an academic perspective, as well as how businesses can leverage this technology to predict demand and improve the customer experience.

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