Introducing “Nearby Places”: A Seamless Location Matching Function Within FSQ/Places API

The new feature is only available from Foursquare and provides a more intuitive point of interest search experience for users

Nearby Places Export

FSQ/Places API just gets better and better. Our latest API feature, Nearby Places, is now live and available to bring smarter, more intuitive location matching to your users. Built to instantly and accurately recognize the POI that best matches a user’s location, Nearby Places powers more engaging user experiences by allowing users to geo-tag photos, complete a social check-in, and more. Try it out via our API Explorer tool.

The Nearby Places endpoint further enhances our already industry-leading Places Enterprise API, which was recently recognized as the “Best in Enterprise APIs” by API World.

Fast, accurate location matching lets users do more within your app or website

As the demand for location-based context features increases from end-consumers, Foursquare saw an opportunity to create a simple way for users to access location tagging functionality with speed and simplicity.

Built on Foursquare’s proprietary Snap-to-Place technology, Nearby Places leverages our database of over 100 million POIs in 200+ countries to generate a list of the top-ranked places where a user is likely located, then matches them with the best result. Once enabled, this feature allows users to easily engage in any number of other location matching functions, ultimately creating a better, more intuitive experience within your app or website.

Here’s a few ways that Nearby Places boosts user experience:

Photo Geo-Tagging: When your users are taking or sharing photos, this endpoint makes it possible to auto tag them with location or you can give users the option to choose from their most likely location without the need for any manual searching.

Social Check-Ins: A Foursquare favorite! Let users easily share their location with others or keep track of the places they visit by powering check in functionality. Nearby Places immediately suggests the most relevant POIs based on the user’s current location to check in with a single tap.

Pick Up/Delivery Location Suggestions: Quickly help users set a pickup or delivery location by identifying their most likely position. This functionis especially useful for tourists or users in a place where they may be unfamiliar with their current address.

A word on pricing

Nearby Places is only available through API from Foursquare and follows the overall FSQ/Places API pricing structure, ranging from 25% to 75% LESS than the cost of Google’s API.

We are continually improving and adding features to the FSQ/Places API. Stay tuned as we announce more features soon!

To learn more about our FSQ/Places API, reach out using the form below.

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