Heads up developers: With FSQ/Places API, you can now “pay as you go”

Give our Places API a try for free – once you’re hooked, only pay for what you need

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Our developer community is at the heart of our work, which is why we’re pleased to announce two major enhancements for Foursquare Developer Accounts. Starting today, all developer accounts have access to the latest version of our Places API and can enjoy $200 a month in free usage credits. Once these free credits are used, developers will be able to “pay as you go” and purchase more paid credits as needed.

Try the newest version of FSQ/Places API for free.

Originally launched in March with access limited to Enterprise customers, the latest, award-winning version of the FSQ/Places API is now available to everyone within our developer community. Log in or set up your Foursquare Developer Account to access the latest version and receive $200 a month in free usage credits. Learn more about our Places API.

Pay for what you need – and nothing more – with “pay as you go” billing

We’ve simplified our API pricing tiers to: Sandbox, Pay As You Go and Enterprise. If you’re an existing API user, here’s what these changes mean for you:

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Should you run out of free credits, you can use a credit card to load additional balance or wait until the next month’s credits kick in to continue making API calls. Please note, free credits do not roll over. Learn more about Places API pricing here.

Get Started

Click the Get Started link below to try the newest Places API and start accessing your $200 a month in free usage credits. If you are a high volume API user, you may benefit from discounts available to Enterprise customers. Reach out to us to learn more.

Get started.

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