New privacy controls, permissions, and debug logging in Pilgrim SDK

Product update

We’ve introduced a few new features for both iOS and Android to support privacy and make it easier to troubleshoot.

For increased protection to user privacy, we have made it possible to prevent a device’s AdID from being shared with Foursquare. Before this release, in instances where the ID doesn’t need to be shared with Foursquare, we would receive and delete them. However, now you can disable the AdID all together.

The developer console also got some new tools. With live debug logging you can monitor events in your app from within the developer console without having to configure your devices ahead of time. This will help save time on set up and troubleshooting.

For both Android and iOS apps, you can now add custom properties to Geofences in the developer console. Use the custom properties to better report and analyze app user behavior or trigger in-app actions when an app user enters a geofence. For instance, you can customize your campaigns based on the properties you assign to specific geofences.

In version 2.4.0 we made some backend updates to support future feature development and improved support for iOS 13 location permission settings.

In version 2.4.2 we made some changes to the way we handle permissions. For apps targeting Android 10 and above, Android now requires that apps explicitly request background permissions. We’ve improved our support for this permission. We also added a new permission to request activity tracking for things like running, walking, or biking.

These updates are available on the free and Enterprise tier of PIlgrim SDK. For more details on all that’s been added and deprecated check out our iOS and Android release notes. Ready to get started? Head to the Docs.

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