A SU New Year’s reading list: community spotlights from 2018

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Happy New Year, SUs! The New Year is often a time to reflect on the past year and look into the upcoming year. One of our favorite quotes comes from American poet Maya Angelou, who said, “You can’t really know where you are going until you know where you have been.” In the same spirit, we encourage you to take a look back at where our Superusers have been in 2018 by reading our features from this past year. The one common theme throughout the features is that there are no better tools to document your new year’s resolutions and goals for the next 49 weeks than the Foursquare City Guide and Swarm app. If one of your goals is to work out more often (this is on our list every year too), you can use Foursquare City Guide to find some gyms or yoga studios nearby, and check-in on Swarm to track your progress and maintain those streaks #gymrat. Take a read below to hear some of the best tips from around the world and be inspired to explore in 2019.

Community Spotlights of 2018


Stefano Benedetti, SU10

Milan, Italy

Pro Tip: If you’re planning to spend a night out in the city, check out Stefano’s list of 24-hour dining spots in Milan before you step out.



Khaw Han Chung, SU9

George Town, Malaysia

Pro Tip: Malaysia has many vegetarian-friendly restaurants; in fact, Khaw’s list of vegetarian restaurants has 95 options

Khaw Han Chung


Lena Le Rolland, SU9

Paris, France

Pro Tip: If you’re looking to hang out with locals, Léna recommends a visit to the beautiful restaurant La Grande Cascade.

Lena Le Rolland


Magnus Ståhls, SU9

Espoo, Finland

Pro Tip: Summertime is the best time for visitors as that is when all of Finland “wakes up,” making it ideal for visits to the beach or the golf range.

Magnus Ståhls


Jacques, SU9

London, UK

Pro Tip: If you’re there on a weekend, visit a local pub for Sunday Roast, which is a traditional British meal consisting of roasted meat, roasted potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, stuffing, vegetables and more.



Alex Mochalov, SU10

Moscow, Russia

Pro Tip: The most beautiful architectural works of Moscow, arguably, are not the ones seen at eye level, but rather, the ones that exist underground — the Moscow Metro.

Alex Mochalov


Johnny Wang, SU2

San Francisco, USA

Pro Tip: San Francisco is known as ‘The City’ by locals.

Johnny Wang


Antonis Triantos, SU8

Lemnos, Greece

Pro Tip: Did you know there is a desert in Greece? The Sand Dunes (Ammothines) is an area of 70,000 sq meters covered by sand in northern Lemnos.

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Antonis Triantos


Takuma Hashimoto, SU8

Tokyo, Japan

Pro Tip: For fans of anime or manga, Akihabara and Shinjuku Gyoen are two districts in Tokyo you do not want to miss.

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Takuma Hashimoto


Pricilla Marie, SU4

New Orleans, USA

Pro Tip: Snow cones, which are shaved ice with syrup and toppings, are called “Snowballs”.

Pricilla Marie


Cordula Beisel, SU8

Neustadt, Germany

Pro Tip: Neustadt is part of the oldest German Wine Route, and while there many wineries to choose from, Cordula recommends Weingut Dr.Buerklin-Wolf in Wachenheim or Weingut von Winning in Deidesheim.

Cordula Beisel


SU10s from Around the World

Pro Tip: Use Foursquare City Guide to discover new and interesting places and check-in on Swarm to remember all the places you go!

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