How to: Build scalable extensions to reach more potential customers

An experiment to help brands reach more potential customers and boost conversion.

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The identification of scalable audiences is a fundamental task of marketing campaigns – after all, advertisers want to reach the most potential customers possible. Traditionally, many advertisers select their target audience based on deterministic real-world behaviors (for instance, what stores they’ve visited in the past). But what if you want to reach even more potential customers?

Reach extension, as a strategy, can be used to expand the potential reach and conversion rate of a campaign by reaching individuals who are similar to people already confirmed to be a brand’s customers. While extending reach is a common practice, it is difficult to increase the scale of an audience while maintaining the degree of precision and accuracy needed to ensure high campaign performance.

In a recent experiment, Foursquare set out to develop a scalable method for the identification of quality extended audiences.

We looked at:

  • Eight brands across verticals (to ensure diversity in visitation patterns and breadth of popularity): Beauty retailer, Telecomms, Automotive, Hospitality, Banking, and financial services, Home Improvement, Fast Food, Big-box retailer
  • Conversion and recall rates as metrics for success.
  • How to build a scalable calculation for term and user scores
  • And much more

Download the e-book to find out what we learned and how it will impact the future of audience-building.

Want to learn more about how location data can help you reach more customers? Get in touch with Foursquare.

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