Foursquare Attribution offers a holistic view of your media campaigns across all channels

Directly tie ad spend to online and offline conversions with the most accurate omnichannel attribution solution available today.

  • Foursquare Attribution offers a holistic view of your media campaigns across all channels
  • 1P data accurately detects a visit and measures how human movement is influenced by exposure to your campaign
  • Access all your media reports in one unified UI and make optimizations in-flight
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Foursquare Attribution provides:

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    The right scale

    Our always-on data sources provides you with 300-1300 location data signals daily per device 

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    Holistic campaign performance

    Our omni channel dashboard updates daily, allowing you to optimize investments in-flight

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    We build products with privacy-protecting features and hold our partners accountable

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    Independent and trusted

    We are agnostic to platforms and are an unbiased reliable measurement partner

Accessibility across top media platforms

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Foursquare Attribution in action

Omni channel measurement

Directly tie offline and online conversions with ad spend
Measure campaign performance across channels

Multi-touch Attribution

Count the impact of each impression throughout someone’s path-to-purchase
Apply insights to optimize campaigns

Understand the customer journey

Get a holistic view of your consumer’s path-to-purchase
Create media strategies that work

Optimize your investments

Access all your media reports in one unified UI
Make optimizations in-flight
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How Wendy’s and Empower Media Marketing are adapting to the pandemic using location

“Wendy’s and Empower first implemented Foursquare pixels utilizing the updated measurement framework in Q2 of 2020, prior to the pandemic officially beginning in the US. Pixels were applied to all taggable media. Our purpose in committing to foot traffic measurement via Foursquare is to quantify impact of ad exposure on store visitation, understand cross-channel synergies, make partner and tactics level optimizations and plan for media efficiencies in future campaigns.”

-Patrizia Vassallo – Research Director 
-Michael Langone – Associate Director of Digital
Empower Media Marketing

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