Forrester Opportunity Snapshot

  • August 2, 2022

In a study commissioned by Foursquare, Forrester Consulting found that location is a fundamental component of business success. Yet most companies are not engaging its full potential.

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To better understand the current and future value of location intelligence, Foursquare commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct comprehensive research surveying 155 data strategy leaders involved with location intelligence, GIS, and spatial analytics at enterprises in the United States. 

Forrester, the leading global market research company, determined that location intelligence improves customer experiences and operations. 

78% of respondents told us that harnessing location data is critical to understanding how customers and potential customers engage with their company or organization.

However, only 26% of data strategy leaders report that their firms are leveraging location intelligence to its full potential. 

Competition will increase as companies continue to improve their location intelligence strategy, but Forrester Consulting confirms that an opportunity exists for firms who are willing to invest in location intelligence. 

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