In Conversation: Geospatial analytics made simple with Unfolded

  • Foursquare
  • June 29, 2022

It’s been a year since Unfolded joined Foursquare. Since then, the team has continued to tackle some of the biggest challenges in geospatial analytics, further developing the Unfolded platform and introducing new technology like Hex Tiles. With the added benefit of Foursquare data and partners, Unfolded has been able to build better and faster, to create the ultimate data platform for businesses looking to turn their spatial data into actionable insights.

Join Senior Staff Software Engineer Nick Rabinowitz for a look at some of Unfolded’s latest advancements from the Unfolded team that make it even easier, and quicker, to enrich, visualize and further explore your data. Learn how you can convert your data into Hex Tiles, perform spatial joins in just 8 seconds, and take advantage of other enhanced features.

Watch the video to learn how Geospatial analytics made simple with Unfolded Perform spatial, create your own Hex Tiles, and much more…