Driving competitive differentiation with location intelligence

  • March 30, 2023

A new study from 451 Research, part of S&P Global Market Intelligence, indicates a greater investment in location intelligence across the financial services sector.

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Technology has long been a viable solution for financial services firms looking to gain a competitive edge. Location technology in particular was an area in which tech-forward financial firms have been able to make leaps and bounds amid otherwise chaotic economic times. Now, the financial services market as a whole has turned to location intelligence to help gain a strategic edge.  In fact, 84% of financial services executives expect to see an increase in spending on location technology in the next 2 years

451 Research surveyed financial services decision-makers and practitioners in the US to understand the current and future opportunity for location intelligence within the financial services market. 

Here are some of the key findings:

  • 79% of digitally driven organizations state that location intelligence is a highly strategic focus for their company that drives significant competitive differentiation.  By supplementing existing data, location intelligence is being used by tech-forward firms to gain a strategic edge. 
  • 91% of businesses which deployed location tech agree that their organization’s investments in location intelligence have helped them achieve their desired business goals. Overwhelmingly, our data shows that firms which are already using location intelligence have seen noticeable results in areas such as ROI, profitability, and growth, highlighting how location data can support businesses in their strategic advancements.
  • Nearly all (84%) decision makers in the financial services sector expect to increase spending on location technology within the next two years. Given the high percentage, it is likely that it has proven continuously successful and broad adoption will be required in order for firms to remain competitively relevant.

Download the study to learn more from the industry that’s leading the way in extracting value from geospatial technology. You’ll learn:

  • Key business objectives you can address using location intelligence
  • How to overcome the key barriers preventing you from realizing the full potential of geospatial technology
  • Top outcomes and key performance indicators you can influence by utilizing location intelligence