Foursquare Insights: Tracking Return To Office Trends

  • Foursquare
  • December 20, 2021

Will we see a return to normalcy in January?

MSD 988 Returning to Office Image

People are on the move again, visiting nightlife spots, stadiums, airports, and retail stores. Yet, many are still not going into the office. We’ve examined both foot traffic data and survey data to better understand why people are reluctant to head back to the office, though life has generally returned to normal.

Check out our latest analysis on consumers’ behavior around offices in 2021, and what this may indicate for the future of work.

In this report, you’ll learn about…

  • Remote workers’ contradictory behaviors. Our data shows that many people who are still working exclusively from home are out visiting recreational locations such as restaurants, hotels, and theme parks. But will these individuals head back into the office in 2022?
  • Which consumers are most likely to go into the office. Location data indicates millennials in tech are driving the largest portion of foot traffic to offices. But how is visitation trending amongst other demographics and in other industries? And will foot traffic continue to pick up in 2022?
  • The importance of examining observed behaviors in addition to (or instead of) reported behavior. While 67% of Americans stated in survey data that they’ve returned to their offices, location data reveals that only 23% of Americans visited an office 3+ times between May-October 2021, indicating that people may be overstating their presence in the office.
  • And much more!