Maximize Your Q3 Campaigns & Hit Your KPIs with Foursquare Targeting

  • June 21, 2024

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Capitalize on key advertising opportunities in Q3, such as the Fourth of July, the Summer Games, Labor Day, and Back-to-School shopping, to effectively reach your target audience as foot traffic soars in the summer. 

This guide offers strategies to engage consumers during key events like: 

  • The Fourth of July: Reach party hosts shopping for cookout supplies and decorations or consumers as they go out to see the fireworks. 
  • The Summer Games: Target sports fans excited for the 2024 Summer Games as they visit sports bars and sports centers or geofence sporting arenas in Paris to reach spectators in real-time.
  • Labor Day: Deliver your messaging to consumers enjoying their Labor Day weekend at parks, beaches, movie theaters, theme parks, and more.
  • Back to School Shopping: As summer ends, reach consumers shopping for the new school year at supply stores, big box retail stores, and malls.

Get in touch and easily activate any of the strategies included in this guide to engage consumers during this bustling period, ensuring your messages reach the right audience at the right time.