On Demand Foursquare Webinar
November 17, 2021

Webinar: Leveraging Location Data to Enrich Transaction Data and Personalize Banking Experiences

In recent years, challenger and traditional retail banks have focused on creating personalized banking experiences as a way to promote financial wellness. To streamline this process, these organizations have relied on external data to better understand consumer behaviors and spending patterns. From enriching transaction data to powering an AI-driven recommendation engine, Foursquare, MX Technologies, and AWS have set out to empower consumers to take control of their finances.

Learn more about:

– How MX uses Foursquare’s Places data to enrich, clean, and organize their Transactions API for various financial institutions

– How POI and foot traffic data can be leveraged to give financial services companies a holistic view of their customers

– How using enhanced data can surface AI-driven predictive insights that help customers make smart financial decisions.

– How AWS Data Exchange and AWS services seamlessly facilitate a data pipeline between Foursquare and MX

Who should check it out?
Data Engineers, Analysts, Digital Product Managers, Technical Project Managers, BD Managers and Directors, CIOs, CTOs, Chief Digital Officers, CMOs

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