On Demand Third Party Webinar
April 13, 2022

Webinar: In Conversation: Ecosystem Aces

Have you ever wondered what makes an innovative leader successful in building partnerships? What skill sets do they have that you don’t? How do they overcome obstacles?

On the Ecosystem Aces podcast, ecosystem and alliance professionals convene to share their experiences and best practices. In each episode, business leaders discuss their successes and learnings to drive new customer innovations and grow revenue. Foursquare’s VP of Business Development Glen Straub spoke with Chip Rodgers, the CMO of WorkSpan, to share his insights on successful partner development, from structuring partnerships teams for optimal cross-functional collaboration, to creating new joint solutions with partners.

Highlights include:

– How to involve partners in your product roadmap for collaborative innovation

– How to build trust with your partners

– Practical tips and guidance to establish and grow strategic partnerships

Watch the video to learn more about how our team brings Foursquare everywhere.

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