Reddit Leverages Foursquare to Drive and Prove Footfall For QSR

A QSR launched a campaign on Reddit with the aim of driving foot traffic to stores in the morning. They incorporated FSQ Audience segments and used FSQ Attribution to optimize and measure their campaign.


A quick-serve restaurant (QSR) launched a Reddit campaign promoting their new menu item with the challenge to drive store visitation during the morning. They wanted to measure the effectiveness of Reddit for driving in-store conversions to establish their Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) and inform future media planning.


Reddit incorporated FSQ Audience segments in addition to Reddit’s own targeting, using the ‘live near’ targeting feature to reach consumers most likely to engage with the QSR in the area. The posts and conversation ads on Reddit achieved $.05 cost per visit (72% lower than FSQ benchmarks) and a 9.95% conversion rate. FSQ Attribution proved that the campaign was responsible for driving 2.5% more people to a QSR location. FSQ audiences specifically had a behavioral lift of 7.8%.

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