Q&A with Marjorie Janiewicz, Foursquare Chief Revenue Officer

The HackerOne and MongoDB alum joins our Executive Team today as Chief Revenue Officer.

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Foursquare is excited to announce the addition of Marjorie Janiewicz, as Chief Revenue Officer. With over twenty years of software and SaaS sales experience, Marjorie will lead Foursquare’s global go-to-market strategy. Marjorie’s addition to the Foursquare team is the latest of CEO Gary Little’s strategic hires since taking the helm of the company in January 2021.

To learn more about Marjorie, her thoughts, and her vision for Foursquare, check out the below Q&A:

Tell us about your career path and background.

From the very early stages of my career I have always been fascinated by technology, the disruption of large markets and the organizational excellence required to get there. I am fueled by the desire to meaningfully impact customer business outcomes through technology and the ambition to build and scale best-in-class sales organizations.

I was born and raised in France, spent 12 years in Ireland in the early 2000’s before moving to the Bay Area/United States to expand my career on the global stage. Most recently I have been personally engaged in supporting the very dynamic French Startup scene as a way to give back to my roots!

Creating and scaling a customer outcomes centric Go-To-Market Engine in tight alignment with Product Development has always been my passion. I received my Master’s Degree in International Business from the University of Nantes, which got my foot in the door. Right after college, I began working at Oracle where I was able to dip my toes into sales and leadership. From there, I took on numerous senior sales leadership and executive positions including Vice President of Corporate Sales at SAP SuccessFactors, the Business Execution software company, Vice President of Global Corporate Sales at MongoDB, the database software company. Most recently I served as Chief Revenue Officer at HackerOne. Each step really led me to Foursquare, a natural fit!

What will your role be at Foursquare?

As Chief Revenue Officer at Foursquare, I’m responsible for our go-to-market strategy and its execution globally, which means I’ll expand and connect all avenues of Foursquare’s business-related functions. A primary focus of my role is to develop organizations’ understanding of how Foursquare and location data technology can help them achieve both strategic business and operational goals. A critical aspect of my role is also to provide both customers and market feedback to our product development teams in order to ensure continuous customer value and enable innovation. In the pursuit of both goals I will be focused on building and scaling a world class go-to-market organization.

What excites you most about our business?

The value that Foursquare and its location data technology can provide to a wide range of organizations is astronomical. Whether considering new ways for businesses to drive revenues and be competitive or better means for organizations to reduce the cost and risk of decisions in a constantly evolving world, I am inspired by the positive impact our technology can have today and for years to come and our unique position in the market to unlock those results for our customers.

A boundaryless market and a superior solution to meet and drive that market are a perfect combination for a go-to-market executive!

I have been particularly impressed by everyone I have met at all levels at Foursquare. What excites me the most is to get to build and scale this business with great people!

What do you see as the greatest challenges facing businesses today? What role can Foursquare play in addressing those challenges?

More than ever businesses are under increased pressure to perform and deliver results. Organizations have gone through a tremendous amount of change over the past few years. Many have and are still transforming digitally to achieve those ambitions goals. Constant change is making decision making very difficult for department heads across industries: where should next business locations be open, how can differentiated user experiences be created, how can ideal customer profiles be better targeted in a competitive market place, are some of the top of mind questions Foursquare is addressing through its suite of solutions.

What do you believe are the greatest growth opportunities ahead for Foursquare?

With a mission to create technology that builds meaningful bridges between digital spaces and physical places, opportunities ahead are limitless both for Foursquare and our customers. Location is not only fundamental to how business decisions are being made today it is clear that we are at the very beginning of how location data can be used and consumed. The ambition of developing and scaling a connected platform in pursuit of our mission is very exciting and will alter how business decisions are made and how users experience products for years to come. Exciting growth ahead!

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