Foursquare Offers Location Data in CARTO Data Observatory

The partnership makes Foursquare’s leading location data widely available to CARTO’s customers

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Foursquare and CARTO, two leaders in location technology, announced a new partnership today that will bring Foursquare’s Places point-of-interest data and Visits foot traffic data to CARTO’s deep bench of enterprise customers via the CARTO Data Observatory.

“CARTO is an innovative Location Intelligence platform, and its focus on offering developer-friendly tools and open-source products aligns with Foursquare’s vision for the future of enterprise-grade location technology and data,” said Arjun Reddy, Foursquare’s Senior Director of Channel Partnerships. “This partnership will help our customers make accurate geospatial decisions and accelerate innovation across their business.”

Location data for enterprise solutions in a COVID-19/post-pandemic world

As the world continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, consumers continue to adapt their behaviors. Location data can play a make-or-break role in helping enterprises understand where and how people are moving through the physical world. The analysis of location data can also help predict how consumers and businesses will evolve to recover from the pandemic’s economic and cultural ripple effects. POI and foot traffic data can inform key strategies and decisions, including:

  • Demand forecasting
  • Territory mapping
  • Trade area analysis
  • Investment strategies

High quality, vetted data

The CARTO Data Observatory enables data scientists, analysts, and developers to save time on gathering and cleaning data by providing access to trusted data providers who already have deep experience working with market leaders to provide customers with high-quality, accurate, and relevant data globally. Foursquare contributes to CARTO’s ongoing effort to improve the selection and quality of the data included within its Data Observatory by providing location data that is comprehensive, highly accurate, and brimming with rich, granular detail.

“Foursquare has been a name synonymous with location technology and data for over a decade and we are very excited about the inclusion of its leading POI and foot traffic data within our ever-expanding Data Observatory,” said Javier Perez Trufero, CARTO’s Head of Data. “This partnership gives our customers the ability to extract valuable insights from their data for purposes such as site selection, geomarketing, market analysis, and more.”

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