Foursquare is Empowering Generation Of Change-Makers With Girls Who Code

Foursquare is pleased to announce a new partnership with Girls Who Code, to close the gender gap in tech – because when you teach a girl how to code, she will change the world by solving our most urgent problems.

Girls Who Code is an international non-profit organization leading the movement to inspire, educate and equip students who identify as girls or nonbinary with the computing skills needed to pursue 21st century opportunities. Foursquare is proud to support Girls Who Code, ensuring students continue to have access to educational resources.

Earlier this fall, as students were preparing for the hiring season, Foursquare and Girls Who Code collaborated in a virtual resume review session to give students direct feedback and support on their job search process in the tech space. Female Foursquare employees who work in STEM-related jobs volunteered to participate in this program in efforts to empower these young ambitious girls to pursue a tech career. Foursquare has been amplifying job opportunities with the Girls Who Code community via their Jobs Blasts platform.

In addition, we also hosted a virtual event for the Girls Who Code community called “Inventing The Future With Female Leaders At Foursquare”. The event was a discussion moderated by Foursquare’s Data Scientist Tech Lead Ali Rossi with a panel featuring Foursquare’s Software Engineer Tansy Arron-Walker, Software Engineer NaNa Mathis, Product Manager Pooja Deshpande, and Product Designer Andrea Nguyen, in which they shared what it’s like to work at Foursquare and provided valuable career advice for aspiring women in STEM. Moreover, Foursquare’s Tech Recruiter Ariel Sachtjen also shared tips and tricks for aceing technical interviews and landing a career in tech. Watch the recording of the session here!

Foursquare aims to make the world a smarter, safer, more just and more sustainable place through our location technology and our employees. We are honored to partner with Girls Who Code and support the movement to close the gender gap in tech, making the world a more inclusive place through the power of location technology. Learn more about Foursquare For Good,

To learn more about career opportunities at Foursquare, please visit our Careers page.

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