Using Data to Enhance the Mobile Customer Experience

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The future is mobile, and investing in the customer in-app experience will become a key differentiator for businesses hoping to stay ahead. Providing a quick and personalized mobile app experience is now critical to attract and grow customers, especially in highly competitive sectors. Location data is driving this optimization, with both first-party and third-party data being used to accelerate machine learning (ML) model training and enhance the overall app experience.

Register for the on-demand webinar here and discover how industry leaders are successfully deploying Foursquare data in conjunction with AWS services.

You’ll learn about:

  • How companies are using Foursquare Places (point-of-interest) data to personalize and localize app experiences for end-users
  • How we help customers make determinations around flat-file and API use
  • How to discover, find and start taking advantage of Foursquare’s data through AWS Data Exchange today!

Who should check it out?

Data Engineers, Analysts, Digital Product Managers, Technical Project Managers, BD Managers and Directors, CIOs, CTOs, Chief Digital Officers, CMOs

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