The difference between CDPs, DMPs and CRM systems

At first glance, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) appear to be the same as Customer Relationship Management (CRMs) platforms and Data Management Platforms (DMPs).

CDP Infographic

With so many options to choose from, and acronyms to decipher, it’s clear why product managers, marketers, and even insights professionals might be confused about how to best store and organize their user’s data in order to make the data actionable in real time. What is the key to picking the right data platform for your business? You must have a clear understanding of the use cases and target audiences.

Let’s review why one tool may be more beneficial than another; discuss how these platforms differ in the way they collect and process user data; and explain why Foursquare’s Data Solutions is the go-to product for data-driven product leaders, marketers, and analysts looking to understand foot traffic trends, enrich their customer database, and build more personalized experiences.

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