Build better behavioral segments with location, powered by Pilgrim SDK

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Imagine consistently reaching your app users wherever they are with targeted, location-aware messages that land at just the right moment. Even better, consider how helpful it would be to know in advance just what kinds of messages will resonate with users based on their visitation history.

This level of personalization is possible thanks to Pilgrim SDK, Foursquare’s location engine. It’s the secret sauce of City Guide, Foursquare’s explore app, and since 2017 we’ve made it available to select partners.

Now, the addition of our new SDK Segments feature elevates our clients’ ability to deliver contextually-aware app experiences by grouping users into user profiles based on visits to specific categories and chains.

To illustrate the power of location data and audience segmentation, let’s review how Pilgrim SDK has already enhanced the experience of users of the global leader in weather information—AccuWeather.

Shelter from the Storm with AccuWeather

At the same time that Pilgrim SDK enables personalization, the developer tool is also an in demand advertising solution, as evidenced by our relationship with AccuWeather. The company’s patented up-to-the-minute weather forecasting Minutecast® includes a personalized recommendation engine driven by the Pilgrim SDK. In a future release, users who opt-in could get suggestions on where to eat, where to shop, and more, based on their current location and the weather forecast.

AccuWeather also uses the data to help advertisers target its 20 million users through location-based audience segments. AccuWeather’s segments promise to bring value both to advertisers looking to reach users based on their activities, and users who want more relevant ads and promotions. The feature also unlocks the ability for Accuwather to provide content recommendations and identify sponsored content opportunities.

For example, imagine you’re a coffee chain offering a coupon for a free hot chocolate when the Minutecast® forecast calls for rain. Such personalization via SDK Segments not improves only marketing effectiveness, but also delivers a higher return on ad spend for performance-driven product managers and marketers.

Reaching Audiences with SDK Segments

In the example above, we explored the importance of knowing who your users are in delivering contextual app experiences. Fortunately, deeper personalization is within reach via SDK Segments, currently available in beta.

SDK Segments draws on Foursquare’s experience, research, and deep repository of location data to categorize app users into 17 pre-defined segments that include the Casual Diner, the Coffee Drinker, and the Arts & Entertainment fan, just to name a few. Foursquare also offers the ability to build custom segments based on visits to chains and categories depending on an advertiser’s need.

SDK Segments were created using factors such as user demographics, types of venues visited, and frequency of visits in order to bucket users based on visitation behaviors. By considering attributes not available via basic segmentation offerings, SDK Segments enable product managers to ingest data into their preferred mobile marketing automation platforms for more precise targeting What’s more, activation is easy. SDK Segments are delivered via the SDK, webhook, or third-party integration.

Bringing the Benefits to Users

SDK Segments can power more relevant advertising, deeper consumer insights, and more personalized experiences, all through Pilgrim SDK. Integrate the SDK with your app to learn more about your users and engage them with relevant content.

If you’re already a partner, download the latest version of the SDK to take advantage of our latest feature, in addition to other enhancements. To learn more, please email us at or check out

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