4SQDay celebrations around the world

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Community is one of the core values here at Foursquare, and there is no better manifestation of this value than in our Foursquare Superuser community, which is nine years old and still thriving! In fact, over 500 Superusers gathered for meetups and over 1,000 check-ins were made globally using the hashtag #4SQDay this year to celebrate Foursquare Day, our annual holiday dedicated to check-ins, community and all things Foursquare (4 x 4 = 16, get it?). Read more about how local communities celebrated below.

What is Foursquare Day?

Superusers (SUs) are our most active, dedicated and beloved users of our consumer apps who help edit and maintain our database of places behind the scenes. Each year, SUs around the world celebrate the hard work and dedication of this unique community around April 16, popularly known as Foursquare Day. What started as a way to promote small businesses on social media in Tampa, Florida is now a global phenomenon in appreciation of Foursquare’s community of editors, explorers and entrepreneurs.

This year, 24 countries and 27 different cities hosted meetups where people got to connect with other local community members over food and drinks, learn about how others are using Foursquare City Guide and Swarm, and of course, take home some Foursquare swag.

Organizer Testimonials

I had the opportunity to help organize 4SQDay events this year and learned first-hand how challenging coordinating local, let alone international, events is. A million thanks to our organizers who stepped up to host local meetups for their respective regions. They were the key to making these global meetups successful from start to finish as they sourced the venues, put together invitations, promoted the event on social, distributed the swag and communicated with HQ to make sure each meetup would be one to remember for all attendees! Here are a few snippets from our organizers about 4SQDay this year:

“I have organized 4SQDay meetups for 9 times now because I like to meet many people to chat, share, joke or laugh. SUID (SU Indonesia) is like family to me, and even though we are separated by cities and islands, we still take time to meet once a year for 4SQDay celebrations. At the meetup, there was a lot of excitement, especially when talking about endlessly editing venues.”

“Seeing the number of Foursquare users grow in our region, we were so excited to celebrate this special day and create more awareness. The event was fun, informative and impressive as we noticed the ambition of the SUs as Foursquare ambassadors. The diversity of nationalities of the SUs living in the UAE showed me how Foursquare brings people together.”

“In the southwest of Germany there is a friendly group of SUs that meet on a regular basis and are connected tightly. So it was self-evident that we would again organise an event on the original 4SQDay (4/16) and celebrate together. It was the fourth year in a row as an organizer so we were experienced in what to do, where to meet and what to consider. So after one 4SQDay is another 4SQDay—the date is already marked for next year!”

Celebrating Community, Today and Every Day

Foursquare Day celebrations may be over, but our appreciation for our SU community never ends. The passion and dedication SUs demonstrate through these events, their accurate edits and their thoughtful support for one another is a testament to the value of community and the beautiful ways it helps us learn more about ourselves and the world. Keep exploring, keep celebrating, and as always, happy check-ins!

Check out the recap video of this year’s Foursquare Day celebrations here!

To join our global community of Superusers, apply here (some requirements apply).

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