Empower your end-users with personalized experiences

Empower your end-users with personalized experiences

Drive user engagement and retention through Foursquare Personalization API (beta), an all-in-one toolkit for all your location-based personalization needs.

Empower your end-users with personalized experiences


Why use Foursquare Personalization API?

Out-of-the-box Personalization

Leave the effort to us — no need to stand up an engineering and data science team to deliver high-value, location-based, and regulatory-compliant features.

A toolkit to empower your end-users

All-in-one toolkit for all location-based personalization needs — we provide the APIs and SDK you need to build location-based, personalized features. Use one or use all.

Extensive data at your fingertips

Take advantage of Foursquare’s extensive and ready-to-use database of photos, tips, and more to quickly get started.

Key use cases

What can users do with your app?

  • Get personalized place search results

    Leverage place search with personalized results that take into account a user’s Tastes, Visit history, Review sentiment, and more.

  • Share their experiences and what they like

    Encourage multifaceted app engagement by enabling your users to check-in at places, leave reviews, rate their experience, curate lists or collections of venues, check in at places, and more.

  • Explore new places they’ll enjoy

    Enable users to discover trending places near them or explore relevant venues similar to what they like.

Product details

What does the Personalization API consist of?


Personalized Search

Returns Personalized Place search results based on user’s location and user-submitted keywords. Matches against names, categories, tips, and tastes.

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Discover and explore new venues based on where you’ve been or what’s popular in your area.

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User-Generated Content

Power rich location searches helping end users find the best places through access to photos, reviews, tips, and more.

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User Management & Privacy

Comply with global data and privacy regulations with simplified deletion and export options for end user data.

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Build a better user experience with Movement SDK

Use Foursquare’s Movement SDK in addition to Personalization API to create timely, context-driven app experiences that drive engagement and revenue. Send personalized, timely notifications or serve dynamic content to users based on where they are or where they like to go.

Added Features

Choose the right API for your needs


Places API

Personalization API
Access to an expansive database of over 120M+ global POIs and residential addresses updated and verified daily

Rich, real-world data with 1,200+ searchable categories and 60+ POI attributes including geocodes, photos, reviews, tags, and more

Personalized search results based on your user-generated contentN/A, search results are not tailored to the end user’s interests and historic activity.
Yes, results are personalized. Requires content to be created via UGC endpoints to generate signals for the personalization algorithm.
Provide users with the capability to share their sentiments using reviews, ratings, and tastes.N/A, Places API allows users to provide POI information only.
Yes. Users can contribute content within your app using the UGC endpoints.
Recommend trending or similar places.N/A
Yes. Your mobile app can recommend trending places nearby or places relevant to your user’s tastes.

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