Foursquare API Service Level Agreement

Last Updated: October 28, 2021

1. Applicability

This SLA is applicable only if explicitly agreed in Company’s commercial license for a Covered Service (as described below). This SLA is not applicable to evaluation phases, pilots, alpha, beta, early access, or similar programs, and not applicable to any pay-as-you-go or sandbox-tier customers of any Foursquare application program interface (“API”).

2. Service Level Target(s)

For a Covered Service, Foursquare will use reasonable commercial efforts to achieve the Service Level Target for a calendar month as set forth in SLA Table 1:

SLA Table 1:

“Covered Service”Region(s)“Service Level Target”
The following Places API (V3) endpoints:United States99.90% Availability
The Covered Services above do not include any Places API (V2) endpoints.

3. Exclusions From Service Level Targets

No Unavailability will be deemed to have occurred due to any of the following (“Exclusions”):

3.1. Any Error, delay, or omission attributable to Company or those acting on Company’s behalf (such as employee, contractor, or end-user);

3.2. Any equipment, functionality, networks, including internet connectivity, which is not under the sole control of Foursquare;

3.3. Any use of a Covered Service which does not comply with Foursquare specifications, documentation, policies, or agreement with Company;

3.4. Failure or inaccuracy of a third-party monitoring service deployed by Foursquare to monitor and report metrics under this SLA;

3.5. API requests that, when received: Omit information or variables, append extraneous information, request data that is not generally commercially available, or otherwise do not conform to Foursquare documentation;

3.6. Events that would entitle Foursquare to claim relief for a force majeure (as provided in the commercial license for a Covered Service), even if such relief is not actually claimed; and

3.7. Any service, API, endpoint, report, data, or region or any feature, function or dashboard pertaining to a Covered Service that is without a Service Level Target above.

4. Reporting

The Availability status of Covered Services will be published in the dashboard made available at (or a successor site).

5. Credit Request Procedure

5.1. If a Covered Service does not achieve a Service Level Target for a calendar month, Company must request an SLA Credit. The SLA Credit is the sole and exclusive remedy for any failure by Foursquare to meet a Service Level Target. To receive a Service Credit, Company must submit a written request for the Service Level Credit and shall provide reasonable supporting documentation. Foursquare will determine, based on its records, if the Credit Request is eligible for SLA Credit. Credit Requests are untimely and ineligible for SLA Credit if received after the last day of the calendar month following the calendar month in which Company claims Foursquare did not achieve a Service Level Target.

5.2. SLA Credit shall not exceed Ten Percent (10%) of the monthly pro-rata portion of any invoiced flat fees (i.e., not including any usage-based fees) for the calendar month during which the Service Level Target was not achieved. If eligible, SLA Credit will be applied to the next monthly invoice for the associated Covered Service, if any. No portion of SLA Credit may be stored, pledged, assigned, reallocated to any other service, or exchanged for refund, cash value, or currency, even if all or any portion of the SLA Credit goes unused. Unused SLA Credits will expire twelve (12) months after being issued.

6. Definitions.

The following definitions apply to this SLA.

6.1. “Availability” means a percentage, calculated for a calendar month, as ((Total Monthly Time – Unavailability) / Total Monthly Time).

6.2. “Scheduled Downtime” means any period where Foursquare posts information of periods of downtime in advance, including periods of technical maintenance.

6.3. “Service Credit” means a credit approved by Foursquare, prorated for the Unavailability for a calendar month.

6.4. “Total Monthly Time” means the total number of minutes in the applicable calendar month.

6.5. “Unavailability” means the number of minutes in the applicable calendar month during which the Covered Service were unavailable for use and/or did not respond to a Valid API Request for all users. Neither Scheduled Downtime nor Exclusions are counted as minutes of “Unavailability”.

6.6. “Valid API Request” means a conforming API call from Company’s application that, except for a downtime incident, would result in a non-error response.