Foursquare Places API (Self-Service)
End User License Agreement

Last Updated: January 31, 2023

If you have already entered into an enterprise agreement for access to one or more of our Products below, for so long as such agreement remains active, it will govern your use of the applicable Product(s) and, unless otherwise stated in such agreement, the terms below will not apply to you.

This Foursquare Places API (Self-Service) End User License Agreement (the “Places API EULA”) applies solely to the self-service Foursquare Places API which Foursquare makes available on a pay-as-you-go basis to users via the Foursquare Developer Portal currently located at Capitalized Terms used but not defined in this Places API EULA have the meanings set forth in the Foursquare Developer Master Terms of Service.

1 – License Grant.

Subject to your full compliance with the Agreement, during the Term, Foursquare grants you a limited, non-exclusive, revocable, non-sublicensable, non-transferable license, without rights to create any derivative works, to access and use the Places API to a) develop, implement and integrate with application(s), website(s), product(s) and/or service(s) owned or controlled by you (“Your Service”); b) to call the Places API for Foursquare Places data (“Places Data”) using your Access Credentials; c) use, reproduce, distribute, transmit, display and perform Places Data as part of Your Service; and d) create external reports, analyses and demos (“External Materials”), so long as: (i) you provide Foursquare with branded attribution in connection with any External Materials, (ii) no material portions of the Places Data are exposed to third parties (as used herein, “material portions” means a set of data that could be marketed independently), and (iii) the External Materials are not competitive with Foursquare’s then-current products or services. You may not use the Places API for any other purpose without Foursquare’s prior written consent.

2 – Places API Requirements and Restrictions.

In addition to the requirements and restrictions set forth in the Master Terms, you must also comply with the following in connection with your use of the Places API and Places Data:

2.1 – Caching and Rate Limits. You must comply with the Places API caching and query rate limitations applicable to your Account-type (Self-Service “Pay as You Go”) set forth in our Usage Guidelines in the Developer Documentation.

2.2 – Visual Crediting. You must provide Foursquare with branded attribution (i.e., ‘Powered by Foursquare’) on any page or screen within Your Service where Places Data may appear. You should review our Visual Crediting Policy to ensure that you are providing appropriate credit to Foursquare when displaying Places Data such that an end user would reasonably conclude that Foursquare is the source of such content.

2.3 – Display Rights Restrictions. You must make commercially reasonable efforts to prevent any pages or other properties displaying Places Data within Your Service from being crawled. A contractual prohibition (including legally binding terms of service or otherwise) preventing end users from crawling Your Service would be considered commercially reasonable and sufficient. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, if certain attributes included in Places Data are not publicly available to users of the Foursquare City Guide mobile app or any successor thereto (e.g., “Calculated Scores” attributes and various other reliability metrics), then you may only use such attributes on an internal basis (and must not, for clarity, externally display such attributes or make such attributes available to users of Your Service or any third party).

2.4 – Navigation Services. If Your Service provides real-time route guidance, you must have an end user license agreement that includes the following notice: YOUR USE OF THIS APPLICATION IS AT YOUR SOLE RISK. LOCATION DATA MAY NOT BE ACCURATE.

2.5 – Other Restrictions. In addition, you shall not do any of the following:

2.5.1 – Provide access to the Places API or Places Data to third parties, except as integrated into Your Service as permitted by the licenses granted hereunder;

2.5.2 – Make Places Data available to third parties in bulk;

2.5.3 – Allow third parties to systematically query Places Data to obtain all or substantially all Places Data for a given locality, region, or country; or

2.5.4 – Use Places Data to contact businesses included in Places Data as prospective customers.

2.6 – Audit Rights. During the Term and for a period of six months thereafter, upon advance written notice, Foursquare may review your systems and applicable records as necessary to validate your use of Access Credentials, the Places API and all Places Data, during normal working hours, and without undue disruption to your operations. You acknowledge that Foursquare may disclose a copy of its findings to Foursquare’s data suppliers, upon their request, subject to standard confidentiality obligations.

3 – Organizations; Monthly Credits; Billing

3.1 – Organizations. The “Organizations” feature within your Account allows you to collaborate with other developers on your projects (each, a “Project”), manage multiple Projects within “organizations” that you or other users create (each, an “Organization”), add different users to Organizations and/or Projects and assign roles and permissions for each user, and maintain a single billing account for all Projects created within an Organization. Visit the Organizations pages in the Developer Documentation for further information on creating and managing your Organizations. NOTE: You may not create or use multiple Organizations for the same end product (e.g., application, website, service, etc.) or code base.

3.2 – Monthly Credits. Foursquare will automatically provide you with a certain amount of free credits for you to use every month (the “Monthly Credits”) for Places API calls. The amount of Monthly Credits you may expect to receive in your Account each month is set forth on our pricing page (the “Pricing Page”), and your remaining Monthly Credits balance can be found on the “Billing” page within the “Organization Settings” of your Account (the “Billing Page”). The Monthly Credits may only be used during the month in which such Monthly Credits have been issued. Your Monthly Credits will be refreshed on the 1st of each calendar month, and any Monthly Credits remaining at the end of any month will expire and may not be rolled over to the subsequent month. Foursquare reserves the right to modify or eliminate the Monthly Credits offering at any time and will endeavor in good faith to provide you with at least thirty (30) days’ advance notice of any material changes. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Foursquare may suspend or eliminate Monthly Credits pertaining to your Account immediately at any time, without notice, if we detect any inappropriate or suspicious activity in your Account or you are otherwise deemed to be in breach of this Agreement.

3.3 – Billing. If your Monthly Credits have been depleted for a given month, in order to make further Places API calls during that month, you will need to purchase additional credits (“Paid Credits”) by visiting your Organization’s Billing Page. If you do not purchase Paid Credits, you will need to wait until the following month when your Monthly Credits have refreshed in order to resume making Places API calls on your Account. Paid Credits may only be applied toward Projects associated with the Organization for which such Paid Credits are purchased, and any unused Paid Credits will roll over from month to month and expire twelve (12) months from the date of purchase. Fees for any Places API calls (“API Usage Fees”) made via your Account will first be deducted from your free Monthly Credits balance until such Monthly Credits balance has been depleted and, thereafter, will be deducted from your Paid Credits, if any. Foursquare will charge the API Usage Fees at the rates set forth on the Pricing Page. Official transaction counts for calculating API Usage Fees and other metrics are recorded by Foursquare.

On the Billing Page, you will have the option to enable Paid Credits to automatically refresh when the balance falls below the threshold identified therein by charging your designated credit card on file a specific dollar amount that you have preselected. Once enabled, you may cancel the auto-refresh feature at any time by following the applicable prompts on the Billing Page. Alternatively, you may manually purchase Paid Credits at any time on the Billing Page.

4 – Canceling Your Account

You may cancel your Account at any time by submitting a support ticket here. Within thirty (30) days of canceling your Account, you may also use the foregoing link to request a refund of any unused Paid Credits remaining in your Account at the time of cancelation. Any free Monthly Credits remaining in your Account will be forfeited.

Foursquare may terminate your Account at any time if you breach any term of the Agreement. Any termination of the Agreement will also terminate this Places API EULA and the licenses granted hereunder. In the event of a termination of your Account by Foursquare for your breach of the Agreement, all Monthly Credits and Paid Credits will be forfeited.

If you cancel or we terminate your Account for any reason, your access to the Places API will terminate, and you must cease using the Places API and Places Data and agree to destroy and remove from all computers, hard drives, networks, and other storage media, any and all copies of Places Data, and upon written request, will promptly certify to Foursquare that such actions have occurred. Foursquare reserves the right to inspect and audit you and your facilities to confirm the foregoing.

5 – Additional Terms

If Your Service uses Foursquare’s ‘autocomplete’ feature of the Places API (i.e., the ‘Address Data API’ and ‘Autocomplete API’ as described in the Developer Documentation), this Agreement incorporates these autocomplete terms.

If you are an existing user of the prior version of the Places API (which includes any endpoints beginning with “/v2/”), then the following additional terms will apply to such use: (i) your access to the Foursquare Merchant API, if applicable, will remain subject to the “Additional Terms for ‘Merchant API’ Users” set forth in the Developer Documentation; and (ii) any calls you make to legacy “/v2/” endpoints will be subject to the applicable V2 pricing and rate limits set forth in the Developer Documentation.

If you need to make authenticated calls using an OAuth access token, please reference the Developer Documentation. In addition, in connection with any authentication for users of Your Service, you agree that you will not directly or indirectly transfer any data resulting therefrom, including user data of Foursquare user IDs, to (or use such data in connection with) any ad network, ad exchange, data broker, or other advertising or monetization related toolset, even if a user consents to such transfer or use.

If you configure your Places API implementation to transmit data to Foursquare that is subject to privacy or data protection laws, this Places API EULA incorporates our Data Processing Addendum.

If you are a user of the geolocation software developer toolkit (currently known as Movement SDK), please reference our Movement SDK Developer Documentation.