Location analytics made easy

Foursquare Insights is an intuitive location analytics solution that gives quick insights about aggregated foot traffic trends, competitive movement, and overall business intelligence. Out-of-the-box reports let you make data-driven decisions without reliance on data science teams.


Why Choose Insights for your Location Analytics?

Data quality: Our industry-leading 1P data ensures robust and dependable datasets, instilling confidence in the accuracy and reliability of the insights driving your decisions.

Innovation: Our proprietary snap-to-place technology delivers accurate visit detection. Powered by FSQ Graph, FSQ Insights gives you access to unmatched top-tier datasets and analytics.

Unmatched Flexibility: Discover unparalleled flexibility across data dimensions. FSQ Insights ensures that the same report can adapt seamlessly, accelerating time-to-value.

Privacy-forward: We uphold strict privacy standards, with opt-in consent, regular audits, and advocacy for federal privacy legislation.


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Our pre-built reports include:

Movement Pivot

Easily filter aggregated foot traffic data over time by chains, categories, and Designated Market Areas (DMAs) within a familiar dynamic data table.

Indexed Foot Traffic

Measure visitation trends and benchmark performance with daily and monthly level breakdowns.

Customer Journey

See where your customers (or competitor’s customers) frequent before and after a particular place of interest, on the same day.

CB Insights names Foursquare #1 leader in location intelligence

Recognized for data quality, advanced visit detection methodologies, cutting edge tools, and a privacy-first stance, we are a team you can count on. And with over fifteen years experience, Foursquare has geospatial expertise across all verticals to back it up.

<br>Fuel more strategic business decisions with <br>actionable foot traffic analytics

Fuel more strategic business decisions with
actionable foot traffic analytics