CB Insights names Foursquare #1 leader in location intelligence

CB Insights names Foursquare #1 leader in location intelligence

CB Insights, a trusted source of technology market intelligence, has recognized Foursquare as the top industry leader in Location Intelligence. Foursquare stood out from industry peers and emerged as the #1 leader in the Location Intelligence market, exceeding 13 private technology vendors profiled. Read CB Insights’ full analysis of the Location Intelligence industry.

Why was Foursquare recognized as #1 in Location Intelligence?

Quality data

Foursquare has access to first-party data with stronger Point of Interest (POI) coverage, providing more accurate and detailed location intelligence compared to competitors relying on third-party data sources

Innovative tools

Foursquare offers advanced visit detection methodologies and cutting-edge tools for geospatial and time-based joins, delivering a more seamless user experience and a stronger feature set

Privacy first

Foursquare is an independent provider with a privacy-first stance

In an in-depth analysis of the Location Intelligence landscape, Foursquare achieved a Scorecard of 9.6 out of 10 – more than a point higher than the score given to the closest ranking industry peer.


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